Monday, July 27, 2015

Look alike?

I never thought our two boys looked much alike. In fact, when Anders was born I was very surprised because he looked nothing like Aiden. So many people say Aiden looks like Dave and Anders looks like me. I agree. I see Dave in Aiden so much. He's looking more and more like Dave as he gets older, especially when I see photos of Dave when he was young. 
It's surprising because most people say they have a hard time recognizing themselves in their kids, but I totally see myself in Anders. It might be his coloring, eyes, and cheeks, but that's enough. 

I snapped some photos of the boys today while we were at a public pool/park. They had a blast there and I'm thinking we'll have to go back if we have the chance. It's been in the 90s lately so I haven't wanted to go outside, but who cares if you're in the pool! 
This evening as I was going through the photos, I saw one that looked super familiar to me. I looked back about 18 months and found a photo that looked just like the one I had taken this evening. 

Check it out for yourself :) 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Chicago Trip

At the beginning of June, Anders and I went on a trip to Chicago with these girls. They spent many days helping me move into the new house. We moved, cleaned, organized, set stuff up, etc for hours and hours.... Then we went to Chicago for a few nights :) 

First stop was Six Flags. 

Anders had so much fun discovering all the new places. 

We walked around Chicago, checking it out. Our hotel was close to the River, so we crossed it many times and took lots of pictures :) 

Of cooooooourse we got Chicago-style stuffed pizza from Giordano's. YUM!! 

And we found ourselves in the Bean. 

And did a little photo shoot to get some fun pictures. This is probably my favorite photo from the whole day. 

Like I said, we walked around a lot. We crossed the bridges a lot. :)

We went up to Navy Pier and got on the Ferris Wheel. 

Even Anders loved the sights! 

Then we had a teenager take this picture with a big storm coming in the background. I think the background looks fake. All five of us! 

More walking around, checking out sights during the night this time. 

The girls brought dresses so we could do a photo shoot. Unfortunately we ran out of time during the day, so we did some night time pictures. I just used my iPhone so the photos aren't the best. I still like them. 

Anders loved it! 

So did I. It was a fun few days getting quality time with Anders and these girls. They're about to go to high school and get busy with school, jobs, and everything that comes with being in high school. 

Thursday, June 4, 2015

The One With Lots of Photos

We have had a lot of fun over the last week!! 

Here's a few highlights...

One evening we got food from a local food truck and ate near this cool fountain. What a fun day with my three best guys! 

Another night we went to a local festival and tried some yummy food. 

Good food as evidenced by his messy face :) 

Another evening we went for a nice walk around our local area. 

His smile is so charming! 

He wanted to take a break from walking. :) 

We have been working on potty training with Aiden. On this day I told him if he went on the potty, we'd go for a walk to the store and he could pick out a treat. He gets so excited when he goes on the potty and this day he was so excited, too, to pick out his favorite treat. 

Uncle Tyler came to town! How cool is that! We picked him up from his hotel and went for some delicious local barbecue. It was a nice evening to eat on the patio. 

An actual photo of the four of us! :) 

Two tired boys. I rarely get pics with these two so we tried this day and this was the best we could get. 

Uncle Tyler is so cool! 

I needed a break. Or a redo of that morning. So here's the boys taking a break... (Let's just say within the first hour of getting up I had already used all of the cleaning supplies/tools we have.) 

Some days he's just not ready to wake up. 

We got to hang out with Uncle Tyler again! Aiden and Tyler had to check out the cool magazines at Barnes & Noble :) 

My little sweetie pie loves Cheerios! 

"Smile for Momma!" 

Getting way too big, way too fast! He'll be one next month. Wait. How did that happen?!?!!! 

Friday, May 1, 2015

Friday Favorites:: Warm Weather, Food Trucks, and TIGERS Baseball

Enjoy some fun pictures from our week of warm weather, good food, and a Detroit Tigers Baseball game!

Please say prayers for my family. My sister is going through a very difficult time right now. I'm kind of at a loss for words besides that.