Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A taste of Music City

I went, I saw... I'm back.

I loved it.
If you've never ventured down to Nashville, TN, I HIGHLY recommend it!
Made it back and my kids were good, so that made me happy. Then I had some helpers with grading/organizing, etc in my classroom the other evening, and that made me even happier! (Thanks Liz, Heather, and Leanne!!)

Finished up the 3rd marking period grades and submitted them. Once again :)

I'm more than 3/4 of the way done with my first year!! Yipppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Checked off

Some hard work lately, exhaustion, and prioritizing... I've been able to check a few off of my list. The observation is over (whew, done until next year!) and all of the lesson plans for when I'm gone are done. (another whew!) the list is still super long but I got a few comments in school today that I look "tired." My principal told me I need vitamin d, so I should get outside... when those types of comments start coming, I know I have to take a break. So I left after an eleven hour day and I'm heading to bed.
There are twelve of us going to this conference together, flying out of our little airport, and they want us there an hour and a half early. 5:45am for a 7:15am flight. Are you kidding? I have a feeling the airport won't even be open at that hour. ack. that's early!

Congratulations to Katie and Aaron! Sounds like July 25th is the big day :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lists usually help me when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Here's my (to-do) list for now -- due dates are Tuesday, March 17th except observation-related things.
  • Fill out pre-observation plan for 2nd formal observation
  • Finish lesson plans for 2nd formal observation: Monday, March 16th FIRST hour. We're talking about the Civil Rights Movement (focusing on the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the March on Washington).
  • Finish grading my stack of paper that's about 4 inches tall right now. It scares me!
  • Finish 3rd marking period grades before Nashville.
  • Make three days of sub plans for next week. One day is a huge load for me, so I'm trying to wrap my mind around the idea of THREE days. ack.
  • Adjust my lesson plans for this week (snow day today) and figure out how to get everything done that I need to before I leave
  • Clean my classroom - for the observation and for having a sub in my room for 3 days.
  • Pack a suitcase of business-casual clothes for the conference (National Service Learning Conference in Nashville, TN). This one doesn't sound like a huge deal but I have packing anxiety - something I discovered when I lived in Connecticut. and I'm not a fan of checking luggage - I'd rather keep it to carry-ons.
  • Get some sleep!!! :)

This snow day off was won-der-ful!!!! I got some work done, but relaxed quite a bit too. Just what this girl needed in the midst of this March craziness!