Monday, July 27, 2015

Look alike?

I never thought our two boys looked much alike. In fact, when Anders was born I was very surprised because he looked nothing like Aiden. So many people say Aiden looks like Dave and Anders looks like me. I agree. I see Dave in Aiden so much. He's looking more and more like Dave as he gets older, especially when I see photos of Dave when he was young. 
It's surprising because most people say they have a hard time recognizing themselves in their kids, but I totally see myself in Anders. It might be his coloring, eyes, and cheeks, but that's enough. 

I snapped some photos of the boys today while we were at a public pool/park. They had a blast there and I'm thinking we'll have to go back if we have the chance. It's been in the 90s lately so I haven't wanted to go outside, but who cares if you're in the pool! 
This evening as I was going through the photos, I saw one that looked super familiar to me. I looked back about 18 months and found a photo that looked just like the one I had taken this evening. 

Check it out for yourself :)