Thursday, July 30, 2009

East Coast Part 1

Someone reminded me today that I said I was going to have some pictures up yesterday. I was busy enjoying the camp, but here are some now. I only have the first couple of days' photos on my laptop so far, and here are a few highlights.

Karen, Liz, Karen after a very enjoyable seaside lunch in southern Maine.

Acadia National Park from the air

Bar Harbor and Bar Island from the air. The sandbar you can see is completely exposed during low tide and you can actually walk to the island. When we walked around Bar Harbor later we saw this but didn't end up checking out the island.

One of my must-dos for the trip was to eat at an outdoor restaurant. We did it twice!

It looks pretty cold out with the fog but it was in the mid 70s. This is in Acadia National Park.

One of the many fishing towns/harbors we visited.

Another one. There's something about these little harbors and inlets that I think is so peaceful and relaxing.

My travel partners, enjoying the sights.

I loved the lobster buoys all over the place. I wondered if there was any meaning to them at this particular restaurant, or just a cool local way to adorn the outside of the place.

One of the main streets in Bar Harbor.

It's late and I cannot remember the name of this town. It's across the river from Fort Knox, which we checked out after hours. It's the history-lover in me coming out... the gates were open so I didn't want to pass up a chance to check out a fort from the days of the Revolution.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

31 days

We're back and it was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!

On our way home today I decided to look back on my summer and count the number of days I've been away from home (out of town) since school got out. That day was May 28, and since then I've been gone for 31 days.

No wonder it feels like I haven't been home all summer! and in a week I'm leaving again for a week. I guess I'm making up for mostly staying put during the school year, although I did sneak a few trips in then.

It's late so I'll upload some pictures tomorrow. We did some really cool things, had lots and lots of laughs, ate some good food, took tons of pictures, and just had a really memorable time. More tomorrow!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Sights I might see

We're leaving tomorrow, and here are a few things we might see in the next week.

We're thinking of making a stop here on Sunday.

Monday maybe?

I really hope I get to see this!! We don't have many set plans; it's kind of a "do what we want, when we want" type of vacation.

This is a must-see for Liz, so I'm pretty sure we'll make it there.

If we have time, we thought it'd be fun to make a stop in this historic suburb of Boston.

On our way home we're stopping here for the night. We have a lot to do in a short time period at this stop, but the thing I'm most looking forward to is just being there.
Look back in ten or so days for my actual pictures of these places. Until then, soak up some sun (if it's out) and enjoy this part of your summer!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just to give you an idea

of how I'm spending my free time lately. I know I've talked about it, but pictures are so much better (I think).

Family picture! He's almost 14 months old now.

Lucky for us, he loves playing with his aunties!

The water was too frigid for him one day, so his mom and I dug a little pool for him. I think Kristin enjoyed it as much as Wesley!

He wants to walk everywhere! He's getting more and more confident on his feet and can go across the room without any help. He still needs a hand when walking on the sand or in the water.

Chilling out at the lake. Can life get better than this? :)
Today was sauna 'n swimming day #6 in a row. I'm thinking this is a personal best for me, and I'm planning on continuing tomorrow. Jim and Lynne made it to town today! They're here for 9 or so days and I think it might be their last one for awhile. She's due in November, so their lives are changing!
Jim, Kristin, Peter, and I went sauna and swimming together today. We were sitting in there thinking it's been at least ten years since we've all gone together. Maybe more. We were also remembering the days when 10-15 kids would pack the sauna. Instead it was just the four of us. What a great day!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I must be dreaming

Things are going that great lately. I can hardly believe this is my life. :)

As I was taking a nice long, leisurely walk this afternoon around our little bay, I told Heather that through all of those long winter days, weeks, months at school, this is what I dreamed about. I literally would close my eyes and picture exactly what I was doing this afternoon. The sun was shining oh-so-brightly, glistening off the calm blue waters of Lake Superior. It was keeping us hot in our bathing suits (had to wade into the water every so often to cool off), I didn't need to know what time it was, I was truly relaxed, and I had this feeling of deep contentment.

Is it possible that life can be as good as (or better than) your dreams? Yes!

*Note to self* In January, February, and March when the school year is getting long, the days are short and I'm not seeing much sun or having much of a social life, remember this day. It truly was one out of my dreams.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sauna, swimming, summer, sweet!

What a summer!! Going to the beach, sauna & swimming, walks, picnics, swimming, unexpected get-togethers, etc. Life has been so good back in this neck of the woods.

Yesterday's sauna and swimming was, in a word, refreshing. The lake was too cold to actually swim in so it was run in, sprint out. Hoping the water tonight is a few degrees nicer. I don't want to say "warmer" because we all know that only happens a couple of times a year - usually in August and September.

Upcoming: Jim and Lynne are coming to visit!, a trip to Maine (with a quick stop in NYC; we couldn't resist!), Katie's wedding, and some quality time with the babies.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

One for fun!

I was just going through some pictures from the past year and I found this one from last January.
Don't you love a child who loves his food (fruit)?! :)

Today, July 7th

I am
  • Missing family and friends who are away
  • Wishing it was a little warmer out, but not too bummed (it's 50-ish degrees).
  • Still trying to catch up on some sleep
  • Thinking I should be at school getting things done
  • Reminiscing about an awesome weekend!!
  • Happy :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Home again

A belated Happy Independence Day to you all ~ 233 years of freedom and liberty!

It's been a crazy weekend back home. I arrived back here on Friday evening, dropped my stuff, grabbed some more and headed north to camp for the weekend. I was home for probably half an hour. Camping was great! Nothing like waking up outside (well, in a tent), cooking food over a fire, swimming (even though the lake was painfully cold), enjoying the warm sun all day long... I LOVE CAMPING!! I sleep so well in a tent, too. (bonus!)

I'll be busy catching up on sleep over the next few days. I've been falling well short of the recommended 8 hours per night. I think over the past three nights combined, I've slept for a total of about twelve hours. I shouldn't say anything, though, because I'm pretty sure my sister Michelle has gotten less and that trend will continue for quite some time.