Thursday, August 16, 2007

I don't have...

...a life in CT anymore, seeing as I moved. So I haven't been updating this. I think most of the people who read this are living with me, or seeing me on a daily basis. So I don't know if it makes sense to keep it up. Maybe I'll post once in awhile if I do something extra sweet. Like last weekend: Kyds Camping. Man, was it ever fun!!! It always ends up being so much fun!

and Sunday, the drive home, was seriously one of the best days of the entire summer. First of all, Saturday night/Sunday morning when I was trying to fall asleep (~4:30am), I had a laughing attack. I could not stop laughing and rolling around... I couldn't breathe... and then the laughter caught on to Liz and Leanne in my tent, and Molly in the tent next to ours. This lasted for about 20 minutes. What a great feeling!! Anyway, that laughter carried on to Sunday. It was like I couldn't get rid of it!! The smallest thing ended up being really funny. :) I guess I won't go into detail about the great times of that day, but just believe me: IT WAS GREAT!

I've gone swimming at least every other day since I moved home. That first week, I was in Lake Superior every single day. YES! I sure am appreciating it!

My Connecticut friends are coming next week!! Actually, I'm driving down to Illinois to pick them up from the airport. Then we're spending a few days there. Unfortunately Katharina cannot come up to MI (she has to get back to Germany), so we're dropping her off at the airport on Friday morning and making our way home. Sarah and Tamara will be with me until Thursday, August 30th. Then we have to say real goodbyes, and I am not looking forward to that. But I'm lucky they wanted to come to Michigan to see my home, meet my family and friends, and see the most beautiful beach in the world. :)

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