Friday, February 26, 2010

Enjoying the Moments

Dave is working out of the country for the next couple of weeks. It's going to be rough because we don't even get to talk on the phone. He had to go back to a regular (for him) work schedule at some point. That's now. We've gotten used to seeing each other almost every day over the last five months but now it's back to long distance.

School this time of year isn't that fun. There's a reason we had a couple of days off for "Midwinter break" back when we were in school. There's no such thing anymore. Around here at least... I heard they still have them at some schools downstate. I'll be happy to be getting out of school before most people again but a break right about now would be WONDERFUL for me and the students. They just aren't on top of their game and I'm probably not either. Four weeks until Spring Break!! I'm definitely counting down because I have an awesome Caribbean vacation planned (and booked - finally!) with my sister Heidi. We were looking for some travel partners but it didn't work out for anyone else. We'll still definitely enjoy it - mostly the heat and nothing to do but relax for 7 days.

Both of my brothers and their wives are heading up here soon!! That means I get to meet my newest nephew and niece! I can't wait to see them finally and hold them and enjoy them. Some quality family time is upcoming this week. I'm sad that Dave had to leave for work right when they're coming. It would've been fun to have him here with my family that we never get to see. He met Bob and Maria a few months ago but still hasn't met Lynne (he knows Jim from high school).


Kelly said...

Got a free night for coffee this week then? Give me a buzz, I'm wide open.

liisa said...

hey karen!!! if you could please give me your address i need it for my invitations..thanx hope all is going well for you everything in florida is great but chilly..take care liisa