Saturday, September 11, 2010


It feels really good sitting here with a couple of minutes of free time. I looked at my computer the other day and realized I have not gone on for non-work stuff in about two weeks.
My last couple of weeks have included:
A move back to the other end of the state (home)
Getting my classroom reorganized. They painted it over the summer so everything from the walls was piled on my desk and the desks around the classroom. I had quite a bit of rearranging to do to get it back in working order (but it's there now).
Two full-day inservices.
Lesson planning like crazy.
A cousin's wedding (I got to help Liz photograph it - very fun but freezing cold outside)
Scrape, unscrew, spackle, prime, paint, repeat (many times)...
Our goal to move in is October 1 but I'm really hoping its sooner. I can't wait to unpack our things and be settled in one place for the first time since we got married. We made a lot of progress this week and if we can do the same next week, we just might be in sooner. :)
School, more lesson plans, grading, and everything that goes with being a teacher. It feels good to be done with the first week. It was fun seeing the students again and getting back into a routine but by Friday I was so exhausted (mentally and physically) it was wonderful knowing I didn't have to go back for a couple of days.

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