Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our Journey

I feel like the title to this blog post is appropriate in two different ways. First, the journey over three days to meeting our precious son Aiden. Second, the eighteen day journey to taking him home from the hospital.

I read the post previous to this one the other day and can hardly believe (still!) how things happened after that day. Yes, Dave was on his way home from Buffalo that day, but I had some problems the next morning while he was still on his way home. Luckily he was only about half an hour from home when I started realizing something was wrong. He drove into the driveway and I got into the car so he could bring me to the hospital to get checked. We got there & had to go upstairs to get monitored. After a couple hours and a few tests, the doctor came in and said I had to stay overnight to continue to be monitored. Dave & I looked at each other, pretty surprised. We expected to go home. The next morning again we were getting ready to go home when the doctor came in and said the baby had to be delivered. I looked at Dave and started bawling. This was not how I expected/hoped things would go!! At noon that day (September 29) I was induced. To make a long story short, after 31 hours of labor (& many, many tears), I had to have a c-section.

Aiden William was born at 7:44 pm on Sunday, September 30th. He was 7 pounds, 4 ounces & 19 inches. He is just amazing, and so precious!!

On to the second part of the journey... Tomorrow...

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