Monday, December 15, 2014

Daily Life 'Round Here

Aiden is two and is learning new words all the time. He loves singing songs, playing with his brother, saying "cheese" for pictures, taking baths, seeing fake Santas, watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and playing with his cars. The other day I told him I love giving him kisses. He replied "I love giving you kisses, Momma!" His first real sentence longer than a couple words. :) That sure made my day!!

Anders is five months and has grown up so much in the last three days. Two teeth popped through, he started rolling from his back to his belly, and he's eating food. Until now I've nursed him 100% of the time but he's been showing so much interest in food... So we've tried a few things and he's loving it. I'm sad at how fast he's growing up. At the same time I'm happy he's already eating because getting Aiden to eat was a huge struggle. Anders laughs along with you and loves to smile. He's a fun lil guy to spend my days with. :)

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