Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Momfessional Moments

I'm doing a link-up with Andrea today. We are sharing our "Momfessionals" aka Mom Confessionals - things we do as moms to get through the day.

Aiden can be challenging to get to sleep. He wants Dave or me to lay down with him until he falls asleep. Well, after hanging out with him for the last twelve+ hours, I really want some non-kid time. Dave usually lays down with him & gets him to sleep. If Aiden asks for mom, I'll go in there for five or ten minutes, then say I have to go and check on Anders. I don't go back in there. Every once in awhile it'll work and he'll actually go to sleep.

Aiden still isn't potty-trained. He goes great on his potty but whenever we try to go diaper-free, he has accidents. He just doesn't tell me when he has to go. So I get lazy and put a diaper on him.

Our laundry room is right off of the kitchen and that's where I sneak food. It has a door so I can slip in there, close the door, and eat some chocolate or chips. With the light off. I haven't been caught yet! (Fingers crossed)

If I need to get out, we'll pack up and go to Target. First stop is Starbucks, then the onespot section up at the front. I let the boys pick out a $1 toy to play with as we are walking around the store. Sometimes we "lose" that toy before we get to the checkout and it doesn't come home with us.

The only meat Aiden likes is chicken and hot dogs, so everything I make is "chicken" or "hot dogs." Sometimes we'll say "ham hotdogs" or "sausage hot dogs."

I breastfed Aiden for 15 months. Going into it, I committed to doing it until he got teeth. Once we got the swing of things (it took a good 8 weeks to actually feel comfortable doing it), it was fine. As he got older, I was just too lazy to switch him over to a bottle. I knew what my bottle-feeding friends went through and that sounded like way too much work! So I breastfed way longer than I ever planned to.

I guess we do what we have to do to make it through the day with our kids!

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