Monday, March 24, 2008

come and gone

My 1st blog anniversary came and went the other day. I didn't celebrate it at all, and I'm such a slacker on here.

Recent events: HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY BOB AND MARIA!!! It was actually last Monday. We thought about/talked about that wonderful day last year on and off on the day of their anniversary. Hard to believe it's been a year!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAMARA! another belated one. Her's was last Sunday, March 16th. Hope you got to celebrate with friends and loved ones! (I MISS this girl!!!!)

Easter: I was remembering my last Easter in New Hampshire. I drove up on Saturday afternoon and stayed with Jim and Lynne, then Bob and Maria (Sunday night). I got to be their first overnight guest :) in their apartment. This Easter (yesterday) I went to church twice. I got home from eating dinner at morning church, and one of my friends called to see if I wanted to go to afternoon church. There are so many messages to be heard about Easter! Here's a photo from last year's dinner at Jim and Lynne's:

Six sisters plus MOM went on a shopping trip on Saturday. What a long day! It was the first time it was the six of us and mom. Usually one or two sisters are missing. We may have found bridesmaid dresses, and a color, so that's a plus!! Michelle picked out some sweet vases for the tables, and decided on flowers. Things are moving along! :)

Busy spring coming up!
Wedding planning, track meets, golf meets, graduations (college and high school!), baby baby :) (my niece/nephew), it's going to pass before it even starts!!
I've been getting some conversations about college going with David and Kathleen. They'll be heading off (down the road) to college in September. (Much to do before then, though!)

Whew! Busy week this week. I'm subbing all five days, plus I started a part time job at the university last week. It's for twenty hours per week, so I'm going to have my hands full getting those hours into the evenings. Today was an 8am - 8:30pm day. and I'm a little sick. ack!

And for fun: Here's when I met Hugh Grant last spring in NYC. A random fun day in the city with Katharina. We almost got stuck in the city because there was a massive rainstorm.

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