Monday, April 7, 2008

Slacking again!

Life's busy, and I don't have a computer at home. Those are my excuses for not updating more regularly. This is sad, these once every two-weeks updates. :( Sorry. Mostly it's the second one. Life's not that busy right now. Just not having a computer kind of complicates things.

Wedding planning is coming along. We're in the process of ordering bridesmaid dresses, and slowly but surely Michelle is figuring things out. She's moving south for about five weeks on the 18th for a PTA clinical...

Liz moved into her place! Well, sort of. John's side. They've been working to get her side ready, and then she's going to move next door.

We're in the process of remodeling our downstairs! Well, the living room/sitting room/back entry/closet area of the downstairs. The carpet is gone and we sanded/refinished the hardwood floors. It sure has a different look! and we took out a few walls to open up the entry way to the sitting room. There's a few things that still have to be done -- walls painted, one wall put up, and tile down on the entry, bathroom, and closet floors.

GO DETROIT RED WINGS!! First up: Nashville Predators! Kind of strange -- usually our first round opponent is on the West Coast. Not practically the next-door neighbors. That'll be nice for all of the travels back and forth.

Liz, Leanne, and I were trying our hardest to figure out a date for an NYC trip this spring. SADLY, I don't think we figured one out. :( So we might have to wait until fall. :( Sad.

The new job is going great! I'm really enjoying my projects. (I'm still subbing, too, so it's keeping me busy!)

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