Friday, July 11, 2008

Exciting day!!!

I'm back so soon... Then maybe I'll be done for the whole summer... no, maybe I'm on a better roll now or something.

Anyways, I booked a ticket today to go and see my boys!!!!!! I get to go to NYC/Connecticut for five days in August! I called Marcy today and told her I got the ticket and I'm "little kid excited!" I have to stop thinking about it. Stop. Okay, got it.

and I get to see Gillian, and I just found out that Sarah's going to be in the area, too. So I get to see both of them!!! I feel lucky :)

Sarah, Jill, and I went out for dinner tonight at a place they used to work "back in the day" (high school). It was fun to reminisce and laugh about those days. We missed Kel, though, as it was the last night she was camping and didn't want to leave the campground (don't blame her!).
Sarah, maybe I'll tell you in person what they said. Or maybe I'll just post it someday.... ack, we'll see.

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