Friday, November 7, 2008


For all of the parents out there who go to their children's parent-teacher conferences... well, I'm that person on the other side, trying to think of something to say to help you understand why he got a D-. Or why she got a B+. I wasn't nervous until about five minutes before they started, then I didn't have a chance to get too worried because I was busy the whole time. Then it was closing time, and I had a great time!

A couple of things:
Mr. Dad sits down and says "Social studies. Isn't that the class that everyone gets As in? It's the easy, slack class that everyone takes that they already know everything about..."
Karen: "uh... ummm..." (after I recovered from my jaw dropping) "well, your son is taking World History. There's a lot of stuff in the history of the world... and I don't think a lot of people already know most of it."
Mr. Dad "Oh, wait, you're his world history teacher? But your sign says social studies."

I had quite a few more parents who didn't realize what social studies is.

One parent felt bad for me because her (senior) son came home from school the first week and said "Our new teacher's crazy! She expects us to learn all 50 states and capitals!!"

Other parents shared that their son/daughter didn't exactly like me the first few weeks, but they do now...

Anyway, p-t conferences, part one are history. and I enjoyed it!
13 school days until Thanksgiving -- Yea!!!


Megan Lorraine said...

way to go Karen! I bet your a great teacher! You are always so passionate about the things you love, and enthusiasm is catchy! Just think! You are almost halfway through your first year as a full time teacher! Keep up the good work! We're proud of you even though we never see you to tell you! I often tell Aaron, that he could probaly use you as his teacher. His U.S. History teacher he has now is pretty dry, and Aars is struggling to figure out what he wants from his students. But it sounds like you have a clear agenda. It would be hard for anyone not to like you!

Karen AMH said...

Thanks Megan :)
It's a tough job, but rewarding (most of the time)!