Friday, November 7, 2008

on a personal note...

I got to see Bob, Michelle, and Ed last weekend!! it was fun just hanging out, visiting, watching a football game, going out for coffee, etc. Thinking about it, it's cool to see the adults your brothers and sisters turn into. and any chance we get to be together is priceless.

I just read Sarah's post, and yes, life continues. We'll make it through, even though at this point it's looking really rough. :S Our ancestors made it through a lot of difficult times, and we can too. (I'm not saying these times will be as bad as what they went through, just that we can make it.)

I never go too long on this blog without mentioning Connecticut, and it's been on my mind lately (when I have time to think!)... Two years ago on October 26th was the day I moved to the east coast. Fall in New England is wonderful, and definitely different than Michigan. that time in my life also wasn't stressful -- I didn't have many worries -- and I look back on it as really relaxing. I think that's why now I like to think about it; life's pretty stressful now.
It was difficult being away from family, but for the first three months I was out there, I didn't go longer than two weeks without seeing someone from my family. and I was home for a week for Thanksgiving and two weeks at Christmas.....

Anyway, Happy Holidays! 'Tis the season ~ I know it's early but I'm celebrating any chance I get between now and New Years. :)

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Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Hi Karen, great to hear from you! It;s fun reading about your life as a teacher! Wow, good for you. Take care and keep in touch, my friend! Love, Jen