Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lists usually help me when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Here's my (to-do) list for now -- due dates are Tuesday, March 17th except observation-related things.
  • Fill out pre-observation plan for 2nd formal observation
  • Finish lesson plans for 2nd formal observation: Monday, March 16th FIRST hour. We're talking about the Civil Rights Movement (focusing on the Montgomery Bus Boycott and the March on Washington).
  • Finish grading my stack of paper that's about 4 inches tall right now. It scares me!
  • Finish 3rd marking period grades before Nashville.
  • Make three days of sub plans for next week. One day is a huge load for me, so I'm trying to wrap my mind around the idea of THREE days. ack.
  • Adjust my lesson plans for this week (snow day today) and figure out how to get everything done that I need to before I leave
  • Clean my classroom - for the observation and for having a sub in my room for 3 days.
  • Pack a suitcase of business-casual clothes for the conference (National Service Learning Conference in Nashville, TN). This one doesn't sound like a huge deal but I have packing anxiety - something I discovered when I lived in Connecticut. and I'm not a fan of checking luggage - I'd rather keep it to carry-ons.
  • Get some sleep!!! :)

This snow day off was won-der-ful!!!! I got some work done, but relaxed quite a bit too. Just what this girl needed in the midst of this March craziness!


Anna said...

Have a good time in TN, if nothing else, at least there'll be less snow:)

Good luck getting everything done before then!

Lori said...

I make lists too! Then I feel like I accomplished something when I can cross it off:) Have fun at the conference!

Kelly said...

Hope your evaluation went well! Have fun in Tennessee! See you Sunday! :)