Monday, March 16, 2009

Checked off

Some hard work lately, exhaustion, and prioritizing... I've been able to check a few off of my list. The observation is over (whew, done until next year!) and all of the lesson plans for when I'm gone are done. (another whew!) the list is still super long but I got a few comments in school today that I look "tired." My principal told me I need vitamin d, so I should get outside... when those types of comments start coming, I know I have to take a break. So I left after an eleven hour day and I'm heading to bed.
There are twelve of us going to this conference together, flying out of our little airport, and they want us there an hour and a half early. 5:45am for a 7:15am flight. Are you kidding? I have a feeling the airport won't even be open at that hour. ack. that's early!

Congratulations to Katie and Aaron! Sounds like July 25th is the big day :)


Andrea said...

take a break when school's out for the year and come out here! guarantee some good old fashioned farm labor will take care of all your troubles. and will exhaust you enough to sleep through the night!

Katie said...

Thanks! Hang in there, summer will be here soon!