Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mothers/Friends Dinner

Heidi and I took our mom, Liz took hers, and Heather took hers out for dinner last night for Mother's Day.
Needless to say we had some laughs. Sometime during the course of dinner they all decided to plan the yard/outside of the house I'm going to buy. (nevermind I don't have one in mind yet.)
Here's a few things they decided on:
  • Liz knows of a rusted-out bed spring that would go great
  • My mom and Mary Ann said I should find a toilet and plant flowers in it...
  • A "Jesus Fountain" (You know those white ceramic tubs, cut in half, with a painting or statue of Jesus inside, sometimes with water flowing)
  • Liz knows how to put cars on blocks, and someone knew of 2 that people aren't using
  • White Formica
  • A few pink flamingos to brighten it up

I can't remember the rest.... we definitely had a few laughs coming up with this. It all came up because recently we found a house where you cannot see the grass because there's so much stuff... including a three-wheeler with a car seat attached, enough scrap wood to heat a small house in the winter, an "awning" that was attached to the house on one side and supported by some 55-gallon drums piled on top of each other on the other, you get the picture. So everyone came up with things they think would be fairly easy to find to "decorate" my yard with.

Thanks, ladies


Elizabeth said...

I think you forgot the woodshed with a truck topper for a roof, the cement blocks holding down the chimney caps, and the three legged dog out back! K maybe there's no dog...

Melanie said...

Or you could take some ideas from my own backyard. About 25 tires, and old wooden bench and a someone's boat that we "have" to store for someone else. Oh, and last years Christmas tree.