Sunday, November 22, 2009

The first break

We just about made it to the first break of the year -- three more days of work. Life sure is good. :)

I don't really have a post in me but here are a few randoms
  • Dave worked this weekend but he's on his way back so I have a date tonight :)
  • I scheduled my first formal observation with the principal the other day. It's going to be on December 1st. It's nice to get those over with and relax and enjoy being a teacher.
  • Did I mention we have a contract? We settled a few weeks ago and it's the first one since I started working at my school. It wasn't the best but it sure is nice having one.
  • I have two assignments left to complete for my online class. One is due next weekend and the last one the following weekend. It'll be nice to have a month or so off from doing that kind of homework.
  • What's with this weather? and the apples on the trees. Has anyone noticed that - no leaves left but tons of apples still on the trees?
  • Evenings this time of year are so cozy. They're long because it gets dark so early but I enjoy that when I'm inside and warm...
  • Have you started your Christmas shopping? I've been working on it.
  • I'm jealous of Katz, Heidi, and Greta. They're going east for five days on Thursday. They get to see David, Peter, Jim, Lynne, Braedy :) :), Bob, and Maria.

ENJOY your week!!

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