Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Heather!

Today is Heather's 22nd.... Happy Birthday to you!! We went out for dinner to celebrate and had some great laughs. What a fun night :)

In other news
  • It was soooo nice having a few days off for Thanksgiving. Dave and I ended up going out of town to visit some family on Friday for the rest of the weekend so it went by waaaay too quickly.
  • Back to school. and formal observation #1 for year 2. It's over, all of the meetings are over and it was successful. He (the principal) likes what I'm doing, I get to keep my job ;) Kidding. Not about keeping my job because yes, I still have it. But the stakes for this observation were not that high. Last year I got so nervous about them. This one I was able to relax and do my thing. Glad it's over and I'm hoping nothing out of the ordinary comes up before Christmas. Highly unlikely, but a girl can hope!
  • I put up some Christmas lights in my room and the students are loving it. I like 'em too. If I don't get sick of them I just may keep them up longer. It makes my classroom cozier or something.
  • This week is dragging by.
  • Tomorrow DII basketball starts in these parts. Heidi and I got season tickets - can't wait!
Hope you're all taking some time to enjoy the season. I'm afraid it's going to go by way too quickly.

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