Tuesday, December 22, 2009

School's (just about) out for Christmas :)

Four more hours of school! I just might be counting down even more than the students.

I wore a (beautiful) Christmas sweater to school today, complete with a Christmas tree, beads, bows, and bells. One student, a girl who is rarely in a good mood, said "You just totally made my day when I saw you have bells on your sweater! My dad used to have one like that." (huh?)

Other students snickered, some said they thought it was really cute, another teacher said "Wow, your sweater is..... busy..." That one made me laugh. During one class a student asked his classmate where the ringing was coming from. He must not have noticed the (beautiful) sweater yet.

Tomorrow is the annual Christmas assembly, complete with letters to Santa, a Christmas play, and some caroling. Last year they kind of picked on me in the play and the Student Council Advisor told me today that I showed up in the play again. So we'll see how it goes...

Not Christmas related, but I had a great teacher moment today. The students (in pairs) had to choose a religion and write in a paragraph or two (concisely) how the religion spread. Two students were taking a long time with it and told me they were making it creative. I was looking forward to grading theirs and they surpassed my expectations. by far.

It's a song in the style of the "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" tv show theme song describing the beginnings of Islam. I think I'm going to ask them to perform it so I can tape it and show future classes when we're discussing the foundations of Islam.

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