Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hope everyone is having a good January! I've been hearing lots of comments lately about how people hate (or strongly dislike) this month... I'm hoping you all are finding ways to enjoy the middle of the winter rather than get down about it. The past couple of days we've had up here have been unreal for getting outside and being active. I'm loving the sun! Just a couple of minutes out there does a body (and mind) good :)

Exams are coming up this week and last year this was my most difficult week of the year. I've tried to get some work done ahead of time to help myself out for next week but it's only possible to some extent. There's still the matter of grading over 100 exams in a three day period. But then it's worth it because if all of my grading is done by Thursday I can take Friday off!!

Have a great weekend!

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