Sunday, January 10, 2010

My 2010... so far

One of my random posts...
  • Dave's working weekends again so we're pretty lucky. We get to see each other for most of the week. I'm enjoying this for now because his work schedule is so unpredictable he may be leaving town at any point... for any amount of time.
  • I've had a huge appetite lately. That's weird for me. I've started working out so maybe that's connected?
  • I'm so into World War 2 right now. Dave got Band of Brothers for me for Christmas so we've watched a couple of episodes. I'm teaching WW2 in US History right now and Band of Brothers is helping me with some of my lessons. Might be weird but I love teaching this unit. It's something I feel I know a lot about so I'm really relaxed and I'm working on keeping the kids involved. They're getting excited about it so 3rd hour has been really fun lately. I sometimes wish I could teach this unit for an entire year. Wouldn't that be a fun class?!
  • My government students are at a great point right now. I wish they came into their senior year at this point - it would make for a really great semester. Right now they have the background knowledge to really discuss things, have opinions and back them up with the facts :) Unfortunately we have government for one more week, then it's econ so it's kind of like starting over.
  • That's all for now

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Anna said...

I just read an incredibly good historical fiction called Day After Night by Anita Diamant. It's based on the true story of Jews who were trying to immigrate to Isreal after the war. Highly recommend it! (I did nothing else last weekend but read that book...) I really enjoy history, and WWII is especially interesting to me too:)