Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun, relaxing vacation

It was so awesome! Fun, hot sun, relaxing, beautiful scenery, lots of reading (9 books!), good food, etc.

I kind of don't feel like organizing these and they are definitely not in chronological order. Better now unorganized than in two weeks and by then I'd forget it and probably never post them. So here they are...

Mambo Beach in Curacao. We spent three hours relaxing here, enjoying the heat and the water.

Deserted island somewhere in the Caribbean. It was cool to see after nothing but the wide open sea.

The waitstaff did the napkin ballet one night. It was pretty funny. I have a video clip of some of the other entertainment at the dining room. I've never attempted to put videos on here.... maybe another day.

Mambo Beach, Curacao again

Floating market in Wilemstad, Curacao.

The floating, swinging bridge in Wilemstad, Curacao. There were sweet colorful houses/buildings all over the island.

Market in Wilemstad, Curacao. YUM! They get all of their fresh fruit and veggies from nearby (48 miles away!) Venezuela. That was probably the closest I'll ever be to Venezuela as it's not on my list of places to see anytime soon. (or ever)

Eagle Beach, Aruba

Karen and Heidi on the catamaran in Aruba. Our ship the Westerdam in the background.

The catamaran.

Our home for 7 days

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