Monday, October 22, 2007

Flying and vacations

If you want to go to the Caribbean, I guess you can't really have one without the other. So even though I may not be ready to get on a plane again in January, I'm going to... so I can have a sweet, awesome, FUN vacation with some of my sisters and my mom. YEA! :)
Seriously, right now the thought of flying puts me in a bad mood... but as Katz said, it'll be much better flying with other people and when you're going somewhere really exciting. Hopefully I'll just be able to put all of the negatives and bad experiences in the back of my mind by then.

YEA for vacations!! :)

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Katie said...

I can completely relate, although I didn't fly nearly as much as you did! But just remember that you won't be sitting in an airport by yourself, you'll be on the plane with company and you can keep racking up those miles!