Wednesday, October 3, 2007

I have some time

So I thought I'd come on here and update a little. Wow! Two in a week after taking almost two months off! :)
I'll be teaching for the next 4.5 weeks - today is the halfway point of my job. The other day in the teacher's lounge I was trying to convince some of the teachers to take a 3 or 4 month leave this winter so I could teach their class. They were all for it, except it doesn't work that easily... I guess it has to be a legit reason. Darn! So I'll be back to square one in a little bit, except with a little more experience under my belt. I wonder if I'll continue dreaming about math even after I'm done...
I'm going to be busy with Liz this month doing weddings! I think we have one Saturday off -- and my cousin is getting married that day. So it's at least 4 weddings in a row -- now through the end of October. Busy busy busy!

One of the other math teachers came into my room the other day with a joke someone forwarded to her. We had a good laugh over it, so I'll share it with you.

e was arguing with i. They weren't getting anywhere, so 'i' said to 'e' "Be rational!" and 'e' said to 'i' "Get real!"

explaining a joke totally ruins it, so if you don't get it, just ask me sometime. (Hint: It's MATH)

YEA for the bridge construction being done!!! I could hardly believe it today on my way home from work. Here I was expecting to wait in a big long line and go around the loop... but the left lane was open! Sweet!

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