Wednesday, October 17, 2007


When you're a teacher, I think you hear just about everything. Sometimes I cringe, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I'm completely confused, and other times I have to turn around so the students don't see my reaction. Still other times I have to reprimand, assign detention, etc.
Some things from today:
*When one of my classes started, I said we have to get through yesterday's homework quickly because I'm really excited about what we're doing today. A student said "That's nothing new! You're always excited about this stuff!" (I thought about that, and I think it's the highest compliment I've heard from a student!)
*"Since this stuff is so confusing, we shouldn't have to learn it and we shouldn't have homework!"
* One student: "I really like your necklace!" Followed by (from a different student) "It reminds me of Jesus!" (the necklace has four circles of different sizes on a long chain with some beads or something.)
* A student had to remind me "Ms. H, I think you should learn to laugh more! You'll live we all like your smile." Of course this was in the class that I have to be the strictest, otherwise we'd never get anything done.
* A vendor walked into my room during lunch today and asked me "Do you know where I can find a teacher?" Ummm HELLO! Teacher right here!
* Some students were acting like my classroom was a court room today. (I'm not sure where they got all the info about what goes on inside a court room...) They reminded each other to call me "Your Honor" and when I said we'd do some of the homework in class if everyone participated (otherwise it would all be homework), they said I could no longer be the judge because I was bribing people...
* At the end of the hour in one class, a student had a joke for me. I'm leery of jokes because I'm not sure if students really realize what is appropriate for school and what isn't. I trusted this student, so I listened. "Why can't dinosaurs talk?" me -- "I don't know, why not?" ---- student: "Because they're dead!" I acted all sad and said "WHAT?! They're dead? Since when?!" he didn't appreciate that...

there has been much better and much worse, but that's it for today (that I can remember). I haven't had any lame homework excuses. when they don't do their homework, they just fess up. I'm kind of at my wits end with that (students not doing their homework), but I'm not sure what to do about it. That's a whole tangent I could go off on, but this isn't my teaching blog. so I'll stop.

exciting news: I'm going to be an aunt!! I'm super excited! I really really cannot wait!

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