Saturday, April 26, 2008

Going and going and going...

What a week!
FYI: On one side of my family (my mom's side), there are five cousins getting married in less than five months. (There are two cousins getting married on the other side -- in two months.)

That makes for lots of showers and busy days! And they always seem to be close together. Janet's bridal shower was on Thursday evening, Lori's was this morning, then Scott and Janet got married this afternoon. They came up from SC for their wedding, so that's why the shower and wedding were so close together. I went to their reception this afternoon, and everything looked great! It was fun to see everyone there -- guys, girls, families, kids, etc. The showers are just for the ladies, so we don't always see the uncles and boy cousins. It was nice to see everyone. Carmen and Brent are here from CA, too! I missed their wedding last summer when I was in Connecticut, so it was awesome to see them. :)

I can't believe I didn't already say this, but what a day yesterday!!! I subbed in the morning and saw a fellow teacher that I went to college with -- haven't seen him in about three years, so it was cool to see him, hear what he's been up to. Then I was at my second job for about half an hour and heard that another friend from college was in town -- just for the weekend for some meetings at the university. So I called him and he had a couple of hours free so we could catch up. It was so nice just visiting and hanging out! There were some weird cirumstances (had to bring someone to the airport, then her flight was cancelled, so we went back and picked her up and she spent some time with us -- neither Adrian nor I knew her. One of those "that was really weird" situations), but we had a great time. When I was saying goodbye to him, we both said that we were glad we were still the same friends we were in college.

Sometimes when people leave a place (ie. college) and move on from that time and those circumstances, things really change. It was so nice that we still had the same connection (for lack of a better word) -- just that we could still laugh and joke and tease and "get" the same things (inside jokes, etc). So it was just cool. YO!

That's all for now.... except, I guess

Y-E-A Wings!! Up 2 games to zero! :) woo-whooooo!!!!!!!

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Katie said...

I love having friends like that- you can just pick up where you left off no matter how long it's been... Just awesome!