Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Redoing the floors

Here's how our latest remodel project at home has gone.

For the past year or so: "Let's take the carpeting out of the downstairs! There are hardwood floors underneath!" So, on Friday March 28th, the carpeting came out.

Then someone decided that once we're doing that, we should repaint the walls. ---Okay, not a big deal. We'll repaint the walls.

Next, "once we're doing this, why don't we get rid of the locker room, move the closet, and take out a couple of walls..." --This job's getting really really big!! (we're not done yet, though!)

A few days later... "Might as well take out the rest of the carpeting (in the back entry), and the linoleum in the bathroom and replace it with tile!" --Whoa, it's getting overwhelming... Why stop here, though...

Out came the toilet and sink in the bathroom, and we're getting new ones. and maybe a new back door.

Other things that are getting done as a result of this: the walls on the steps going up to the kitchen are changing, too. And my sister Julie and I put ourselves in charge of the drapes for the living room and sitting room. Let's add in new light fixtures.

I think that covers it all. I'm not entirely sure -- I may have to update later. Poor people who stop over to visit lately. Our house (which is usually kind of flying anyways) is flying! Along with the garage and everything else.... whew!!! It'll all be worth it once it's done, though!

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