Saturday, October 25, 2008

Meetings, car shopping, football games, family

I'm still alive... just slacking a little in this department.
School's been a lot more of the same -- busy busy busy! I feel like we're all into a routine and everything's going more smoothly than the first few weeks. I'm still looking forward to some real days off, though, at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I know it's not good to wish your life away, and I'm not, but I'm just really looking forward to the Holidays this year. More so than ever.

I had a workshop on Wednesday = substitute for my students and a meeting on Friday morning = another substitute for my students. So I only saw some of my students three times last week. Kind of a different schedule...

I went car shopping this afternoon. I'm looking at a couple of different ones. I have to find out about the fun things like insurance and monthly payments before I decide. But I'm hoping to have a new one within a week. We'll see how that one goes.

Went to my brother's last regular season football game last night. It was in M*T and his team won! :) My brother Jim and sister-in-law Lynne were up for a few days to go to his game and have some family time. It was a nice little break in the everyday life that October usually is. So nice to sit around and visit!

What a blah-post... but I wanted to get back on, even if it was going to be boring. So maybe next time I show up it'll be something worth reading.

Until then, enjoy the rest of this fall, cause I hear the snow's coming!

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Jennifer Skoog Photography said...

Hey Karen! I just discovered your blog. Congrats on your teaching job! How is life in CT? We are in AK right now . . . know that it is not always easy being away from home. Hope all is well and keep in touch! Love, Jen