Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Trying to find balance in my life. It's proving a difficult challenge, as there are new things that come up every single day. Today I'm just taking a deep breath, putting aside five minutes for myself, and trucking along. (And thinking of an upcoming girls weekend in two days!!!)

I (finally!) uploaded some pictures from September. The first: D, K, and P's 19th birthday party (a month ago tomorrow!). Yes, that's a pie next to the cake. Pumpkin pie to be exact. It's D's fave, so he always gets it on his birthday. P likes angel food, and it was promised for another day for him. Katz likes the big one -- sweet with fruit between the layers.

My favorite place in the world! Friday after work my mom texted us to head to the camp because it was beautiful out there.

This old sauna still can get nice and toasty! It was super hot on Friday night!

I wanted to get a nice photo of my mom and dad on the beach. Here are a couple of real smiles. :) Forget about the posed, looking at the camera, trying to smile photo. I like this one better!
ahhh. (that's a sigh) Sauna and swimming in the big lake on the last Friday in September. Nothing like it! and the water was warmer than in July! :) What an evening!

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Megan Lorraine said...

your pictures make me really miss our camp in little Travers! Very nice pics :)