Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rocks, talks, and socks

Weird title, I know. The first two are very fitting for the girls weekend we just had. The third was thrown in to finish it off (but I did buy some new socks yesterday...).

It was awesome to spend a couple of days with Sarah, Jill, Gwen, Tessa (although she was with her dad a lot), and Hannah! (We missed you, Kel!) Jill was a great hostess, opening up her home and disrupting her (and Tessa's) schedule for the weekend.
There's just something about visiting with girls you've been friends with for most of your life. I thought school was going to be in the back of my mind the whole weekend, but I only thought about it once or twice. It felt so good to really relax and just enjoy each other's company!

We went on a tour and saw some cool (ginormous) rocks... I don't want to get into detail about that one except to say that if you've never done it, you should! I highly recommend it! Even though it was freezing cold and really long (3 hours), it was a great way to spend a fall afternoon.

Talks: just being able to pick up a conversation from last year or last month, or ten years ago, or even longer ago is a great feeling. :) Or to bring up a new one that we've never gotten into. There's just some sort of connection there that's going strong. Thanks girls!

And Sarah, thanks again for the ride! (More than just the ride...)

This teacher's "batteries" are recharged and ready to go!

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Sarah said...

It was a great weekend indeed! Can we do it again next month?! And we'll continue our conversation(s) again soon. Promise. :)