Monday, April 27, 2009

Found... in the last place I saw it

September 1st, 2008: I bought my sister's birthday gift and put it on a shelf in my room, all set to give to her the next day for her 19th birthday.

September 2nd, early morning: it's gone. I know it was there when I went to sleep.
September 2nd - September 9th: where the heck is it? I searched EVERYWHERE! No, I'm not forgetful. I just have this little problem with sleeping at night. I don't sleep when I go to sleep. Part of my mind does, but part of it doesn't so I'm really busy for bits and pieces of the night. Part of that is moving things around, losing them, getting lost myself, etc.


April 27th, 2009, 2:55am: (pretty sleepy because it's the middle of the night) Will you look at that? It's right where I left it, on my shelf. Where my phone is supposed to be. Shoot!! Where's my phone?

I found my phone (whew! It didn't take 8 months) and gave my sister her birthday gift. Late's better than never, right?

Turns out, I like this whole finding things in my sleep a lot better than losing them. What's it going to be tonight?! :)


Sarah said...

WooHoo! And the mystery is solved! I've been waiting to hear if you ever found it! : )

Anna said...

Hmmm, this would make for a interesting life, never knowing if you moved something during the night... that could lead to a lot of interesting days! Glad you found it!