Monday, June 8, 2009

Figuring out a schedule

As you can probably tell from the recent onslaught of new posts, I'm definitely on vacation. The first week was really nice. Lots of relaxation, errands, things from my to-do list that were put off since March (I'm exaggerating. a little bit.), some exercise, a trip; "anything goes" type of thing.

Now I'm back, it's week 2 of 14 weeks off, and I'm craving a schedule. I definitely haven't been sitting around; I've gotten lots accomplished. But now I'm kind of unbalanced thinking about 12 weeks without a (daily) schedule.

Any ideas for me?


Sharyn said...

I would just consider what you want to get in each day. What are your dailies?

For me, I instituted what I call my four daily C's. Each day I want to make sure that I Cook (as in plan dinner), Clean (something - can be anything) Crawl (as in get down on the floor and play with my kids) and Create (as in create) I've also added excercise to my dailys.

Once I know what I must/desire to fit into each day - everything else falls around that. sometimes it's all much more willy nilly than it sounds written down - but it helps me keep moving and focused and content at the end of my day

Karen AMH said...

Thanks Sharyn! That sounds like something that will work for me - the figuring out dailies.