Friday, May 28, 2010

Congratulations Kelly!

I've been friends with Kelly since college.... well, that's not saying a lot because she's been in college for many, many years. I should say since we were both in college together.

We graduated together (me - Bachelor's Degree in Social Sciences - Education, Kelly - [her second degree] Bachelor's Degree in Biological Sciences) in December 2005 and she had her sights higher. Much higher. Since then she's been working on her goal of becoming an optometrist.

Friday, May 7th marked the end of that road for her.

When you officially become a doctor, you get "hooded." Here's the only picture I got of her on stage during this part of the ceremony.
Dave came with me and we both agreed that it was a cool ceremony. Different than any high school or college graduation we've been to. It was such a celebration of all of the hard work they had to put in for the past four years in Optometry School (and the years before that, too).

Her mom, dad, and youngest sister came to celebrate with her.

Dr. A!!!!
Congratulations, Kelly!! I'm so proud of you and excited that you get to "be" what you've been working so hard on for all these years.
She's an eye doctor! :)


Kelly said...

Thanks, Karen, for posting this and for your support along the way!! My family and friends made all the difference on this journey. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Karen! It was a nice surprise to see you and Dave there--even though Kelly told me you'd be there!

Kathy Abbott