Saturday, May 15, 2010

Feeling really lucky: Our story

I helped Liz photograph a wedding today and even though it was a long and busy day, it was SO.MUCH.FUN! Many times throughout the day, the bride's personal attendant told us that we're so lucky and our job is so much fun. On days like today, we are lucky. Everything just seemed to work out perfectly and we captured some really great moments.

I hope my and Dave's big day goes so well!

***Warning: Long story ahead.***

I'm really lucky for another reason, the main thing on my mind. I'm so lucky because Dave and I "found" each other. We went to the same high school, except he was a senior when I was in ninth grade so we didn't know each other. We also went to the same college and overlapped there for a year and a half. Again, we didn't know each other. (We knew who each other was but that was about it.) After he graduated from college, he moved ~9 hours away for his career, I finished college, moved across the country, and came back. That was when we started to get to know each other. When he would come home to visit, he would hang out with my group of friends so we'd say hi or talk a little bit.

Then May last year :) He was home for Memorial Day weekend and came to Liz's with some guys when she was having people over. He and his friends stayed and visited with Liz and me for a few hours after everyone else had left that night. That's when I found out he was going to Mexico for the summer. I remember thinking "Wow, that really stinks. I get the whole summer off and he has to go and work in Mexico..." I was also planning on spending some time in his area of the state since my sister was having twins there. I thought it would've been fun to see him there but no such luck; he was going to Mexico. A couple of nights later he came to a bonfire my friends and I had and we ended up talking for a long time. Again I thought what a bummer that he was going to Mexico. We kept in touch after he left that weekend, and even more so when he went down to Mexico. It became a daily thing - sending and reading messages.

To make a long story short (or rather, to shorten up this long story), I was in the area when he flew back from Mexico for the July 4th weekend and he took me out on our first date. This picture is from that first weekend when we started dating.

I guess I could say that you know the rest of the story. Basically it comes down to this: we're getting married and it just so happens that it's going to be on the July 4th weekend. :)

It took quite a few times of us crossing paths, talking to each other, and seeing each other (over many years!) until we realized there was "something there." Now I'm back to how I started this story: I'm really lucky that we found each other.


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Isn't that funny how you can know someone your whole life and never really "know" them? I can relate! :)

Anonymous said...

It's so fun to hear about how it all began! Thanks for sharing!- Mary

Mrs. D said...

It's just the start of a wonderful life together!