Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm learning

I'm sitting here under a pile of homework. Seriously. It's so high I can't see out. I think the thing I need the most right now is motivation. That's possibly the biggest hurdle I'm facing over the next 5 days. I don't have enough of it. I feel like I'm organizing my days enough that I should have enough time to get somewhere on this mound... but to no avail. It just isn't happening. For awhile today I felt like I actually got somewhere. I had this great feeling of accomplishment, I was on a roll, I was going to finish and submit a couple of assignments. It was a great feeling! Until I realized I was hungry. I looked at my clock and sure enough, it was dinner time. So I called Michelle and we made a plan for dinner, I met up with her, we had dinner... then I thought of some errands I needed to do. This is where the problem came in today. Those errands (which I thought wouldn't take more than an hour) turned into four hours of running around. Seriously, four hours.

Now I'm on my computer, supposed to be finishing up those assignments I actually got somewhere on earlier and now I'm getting nowhere on them. I don't remember where I was going with my thoughts and can't figure out how to start over. So that = I'm stuck.

Oh yeah, I'm learning. Except it has nothing to do with Theoretical Foundations of Education or Curriculum Development.
I'm learning that I do my best work in the morning, can get some stuff done in the afternoon and get nowhere in the evening. Some people like mornings and others are night owls. I never claimed to be a night owl although I don't like getting up early like some people... If I get my best work done in the morning, does that mean I'm a morning person? Crazy thought.

Case in point - I'm posting on here instead of working on homework. Shoot.

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