Monday, June 21, 2010

My to-do list

Over the next eleven(!) days, here's what I need to accomplish or what's going on:

  1. (Unfortunately this has to be at the top of the list.) Homework: 8 assignments. Some are small, three are quite large, including a research paper. It's going to take lots of time to do it all and submit it. :( My goal is to have all of this done by 11:59pm on Monday, June 28th. If that happens, I can forget about homework for the rest of the wedding week & our honeymoon.
  2. Organize some things at Dave's house. I'm down here visiting him and my sister & her family so I brought some things I'll need after the wedding when we're living here. I wasn't organized enough when I was packing it, so now I need to work on that here. I have until Friday, June 25th for this.
  3. Finish packing up things at home.
  4. A cousin's wedding ~ Kate and Chris's big day is on Saturday!
  5. Two (cousin) bridal showers ~ Liisa on Saturday and Sally on Monday.
  6. Let everyone know what's going on next week. I can hardly believe I'm saying that. NEXT WEEK!!
  7. Get my hair cut. I was going to this past weekend but we just ran out of time.
  8. Finish buying gifts. I have to finish just a couple more.
  9. Wrap gifts.
  10. Pack for our honeymoon ~ a week (or so) in the Caribbean!
  11. Run through the schedule with my sisters and mom to make sure we're not forgetting anything. (This should go before #6...)
  12. Set up the church, prepare food, make bouquets & centerpieces (Thursday, July 1st)
  13. Relax so I can enjoy it all.
What am I forgetting?

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