Monday, July 9, 2012

Definitely my longest break

All year I didn't have Internet at home, so that's my excuse for taking 11 months off. Jumping back into things, there's a few big things going on with us. In February we found out we have a little miracle on the way :) I'm due in the middle of October so I'm trying to mentally prepare to go until the end of October. I'm learning all about being pregnant as I experience the symptoms I expected, and those I never knew about. We're getting pretty excited for what's ahead, and also trying to soak up our last few months relaxing before he or she enters our world and changes everything forever.

We also started building our house this spring. It was a big project for Dave, and we know we have a LONG ways to go still!! We are planning on building it over the next few years, and it feels good to have it started.

 I'm taking this summer off from classes. The last couple summers have just been too hectic and stressful with the classes, and I figured this would be my last chance to really, truly relax.

Happy Monday!! (I like this day of the week WAY more this time of year than I do during those other 9 months.)


Kristin said...

You're back! I have to say I was shocked to see a new post :) Missing you from many miles away :)

Heidi said...

I was shocked to hear you updated this too :) I hope things are going well!