Monday, July 16, 2012

This, that

** Laundry day today. Costs us $6 for one load. At least today I didn't also have to buy $2 detergent for one load.

 ** Toledo Mud Hens game tonight!

 ** We toured a WWII destroyer & submarine yesterday, and a post-WWII light destroyer. It was built in 1945 for the war, but then the war ended. The ships were huge, and it was a lot of walking around and many flights of steps. It was a hot & humid day and you can bet they didn't have AC! :) It kind of did me in for the day. There were so many cool things to see on the ships, from original rooms & signs to memorials and information about the ships and what they did. The submarine was cool too. I expected crowded and cramped, but to actually see it was something else. To think that sailors lived in there for days, weeks, months at a time - wow!! The submarine and destroyer had Japanese flags on them to show how many "kills" they had. So, so, so cool!!

This is the light cruiser, with the (black) submarine next to it. The destoyer is hidden by the cruiser.

 ** Dave and I are heading east this weekend to see Jim, Lynne, and Braedy. Can't wait!!

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