Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Favorites:: Sick Edition

We got home from Florida on Monday around 7pm. Dave gave me the key so I could run ahead to go to the bathroom. I was so wiped out, I could barely walk into our room. After using the bathroom, I sat on the couch. And couldn't get up for several hours. I seriously couldn't move! Fever, body aches, sore throat, nausea. I was OUT! 

I haven't been feeling good all week. We've spent a lot of time doing this: 

Aiden knows how I felt!! One day he brought this pillow around so he could lay on it where ever he was. 

Anders knows how to cheer up his sick Momma! 

So does Aiden! It's hard to get real smiles from him when the camera comes out, but I caught sort of a real one here :) 

The quality of this photo is bad but I still had to share it. Anders is showing off a new outfit he got from grandma (Carhart shorts!) and Aiden couldn't let Anders have all the attention, so he joined the photo. He's showing off his Mickey Mouse shirt. :) 

Jammy walk on a beautiful morning. Ten minutes of fresh air was all I could handle but it really felt good! 

Have a great weekend! I'm hoping to kick this bug (whatever it is that I have) to the curb so I can start enjoying this beautiful weather more! 

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Heidi said...

Not good to be sick, but still such cute pictures!!