Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend Recap:: House Planning Edition

I'm still getting over this bug I got on the drive home from Florida. I've been feeling cooped up, though, so I wanted to get out of the house. So we had sort of a low key weekend.... but we got some stuff done, too. Make sense? :) 

Friday night we walked around an outdoor mall. I wanted to look at Home Goods for inspiration for some of the rooms in our new house. One thing I learned: decor is all about the sea right now. Half of the stuff in there had to do with the beach! We got some ideas, then walked to a more important store for this guy: 

We really thought he should have a nice Detroit Tigers ball cap. He was pretty unsure about the whole baseball cap idea until he spotted this one: 

Guess which one we got. Haha :) 

We then went to Home Depot to pick out the tile for our bathtub/shower surround. We had limited success, and these two sure enjoyed the trip! 

Someone loves mornings while his big brother is still sleeping :) (his momma might like these mornings too!) 

So many smiles! 

Saturday afternoon we went to Ikea to finalize some details for our kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. 

He was a little concerned about something! Haha :) 

On Sunday Aiden was looking so cute! 

He loves his new hat! 

We got to meet Dad for lunch! And since Anders got to sit on dad's lap, Aiden had to also. 

Blurry/in motion photo, but I had to include it because he is SO BIG. 

Last stop was Target. This is typical of these two... Anders with the biggest grin and Aiden "stop taking pictures, Mom!" 

I hope you had a good weekend. Have a great week! 


Heidi said...

It's fun to see Aiden and Elliot excited over Cars! Great pictures!

Greta said...

So cute! Love all the pictures, and your boys are both looking so big! :)