Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Most Embarrassing Show & Tell

Today is Show and Tell Tuesday with Andrea at Momfessionals. I debated about joining in on today's fun because I don't have something really funny to share. In the end, I thought of two pretty good stories, so here they are. My two most embarrassing moments of the last six years...

Dave and I had had a really fun first date the evening before, and on this day we were headed north on a road trip. We were having a great time together, getting to know each other. Four hours into the trip, we stopped in Mackinac City and picked up some sandwiches to go so we could eat outside. It was a beautiful day. We went to that park with gorgeous views of the bridge and ate our sandwiches outside on a picnic table. 

We were getting back into the car and Dave said "uhhhh, you have some mayo on your nose." MAYO. ON MY NOSE. On our second date!!!!  He handed me a napkin and I wiped it off. We both burst out laughing. :) That broke an additional layer of ice and we were even more comfortable with each other after that. Occasionally (every couple months or even longer) after a meal, I'll ask Dave if I have any mayo on my face. Haha :) For the first few months after, though, I'd think about that moment and really cringe. How on earth do you get mayo on your nose?! And not even know it! 

This next one was about a year and a half later. I was getting up at 6:15 for work every morning. It was dark outside (middle of the winter dark), and I like to ease myself into the morning so I turn on the fewest lights possible. I made it to school and was teaching first period. There was a girl in the front who kept kind of half grinning at me. After about fifteen minutes, she raised her hand. 

"Mrs. K, you have two different shoes on." 

Lol! I looked down and sure enough, one black shoe and one brown shoe. I burst out laughing along with most of the class as they craned their necks to get a look at my feet. I pretty much never have matching socks on, but shoes?!! Yeah, I try to match those. Haha :) Lucky for me, I had extra shoes at school so I slipped those on. All day long, kids were walking into my room or stopping by to check out my shoes. I think they were bummed they missed out :) 

For fun, here's a photo of 9 month old Aiden at that same park by the Macinac Bridge. 

How about you? Any fun embarrassing stories to share? :) 

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Heidi said...

Haha! I don't remember ever hearing the mayo story!