Monday, April 27, 2015

Quick Weekend Recap

Did we ever have a fun weekend! Auntie Anna came to visit for a couple nights, and we had so much fun! 

Before she came, we hung out at home and played with the boys.

Anna arrived late Friday night so we didn't do much then... Just a couple hours of visiting. Saturday morning we ate breakfast. 

Aiden was thrilled to have company! We met Dave for lunch, then walked around Nebraska Furniture Mart getting ideas for the new house. Anna and I were both yawning by this point, so we found the nearest place to get some good coffee. 

Aiden followed Auntie Anna around where ever she went. Pretty sure she spoiled him! 

We met up with Dave after work and tried to go for some authentic local barbecue. It's prom season around here and we underestimated that. There was an hour and a half wait at one place, two hours at another, and the third place had a line out the door and around the corner. #bbqfail 

Anders kept falling asleep in the van. Poor lil guy! (Kept getting woken up!)

We saved the evening by finding a Thai place nearby and had a good meal there.

Later that night, Anders got wild! He was not tired at all and was all over the place. I decided to ride it out and wait until he was ready for bed. Baby is in charge at this house! 

No hands! 

Dave had to work again on Sunday. Anna, the boys, and I headed to an outdoor market for a few hours. 

It was nice and sunny but there was a chilly wind. Brrr. 

After the market, the wind died down and it was nice and warm outside. We took the boys shopping at an outdoor mall. Lots more stroller time :) 

Anna had to leave Sunday evening and she took this family photo for us before we brought her to the airport. 

Thanks for coming, Anna! We had the best weekend here. 

Happy Monday, all! 

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Heidi said...

Fun to have company!