Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The One With the Names

Andrea over at Momfessionals is doing another Show and Tell Tuesday today. Today it's all about how you or your kids got their names. Kind of a fun topic to think about and record.

My mom's best friend was Karen, so that's where my name came from. My middle name is a combination of my mom's first and middle names. It's also her grandma's name as well as her grandma's mom's name. I'm not sure if it goes further back than that. Maybe I'll have a girl one day so I can pass the name on. We'll see I guess! 


 I'm not sure where I first found the name. Originally I thought it should be spelled Aidan. When I brought the name up to Dave, I prefaced it with a comment like "I really like this name, so don't say anything right away and just think about it. Maybe in a week or so we can talk about it." So I said it and we didn't talk about it for a week. Up to that point, Dave had shot down most of the names I'd brought up. When we talked about it a week later, he suggested we use the spelling Aiden. And he said he'd think about it. So for my whole pregnancy we didn't have a for sure name. Well, fast forward three and a half months to the hospital... Two days after I had been admitted, 31 hours of labor... I was being prepped for a C-Section. Dave gave me a hug and said "Let's go meet Aiden!" I started bawling and could.not.stop. An hour later, I woke up from surgery with a beautiful baby boy in my arms. ❤️ Our Aiden! He gets his middle name from Dave. 


The second time around, at about 17 weeks we found out we were having another boy. For the next four months, we talked about names and had three we liked but no real number one. At the beginning of June I was at home and I saw the name Anders on a piece of paper. I called Dave and said "what about Anders?" He said "sure! That's a really nice name." All of a sudden, we had a number one name :) Four weeks later, we were driving to the hospital at 3:30 in the morning and I said to Dave "let's not decide for sure on his name until we get a chance to meet him." Well, he was born & had to be taken to the nursery right away for oxygen and monitoring. Dave kept going between my recovery room & the nursery. The nurses kept asking both of us if our baby had a name. After a few hours, Dave was in my room showing me pictures of our baby and we both said "yeah, he's Anders." ❤️

Anders got his middle name from my dad. It's a popular name in my family and Dave's family. You could say he was also named after my nephew, Dave's brother, and another nephew on Dave's side. 

Six days later, we got news that my brother and his wife had their baby and named him Daniel. That was the other name we had in our minds on our way to the hospital to have Anders! I was so pumped to have a new nephew Daniel. 

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