Monday, February 1, 2016

Love Language

Today I'm doing a Show and Tell linkup with Andrea from Every other Tuesday she has something fun planned, and today's is all about love! How do you feel love, what kind of gifts you like to receive, and how your partner won your heart. 

This is a subject my sisters and I have been talking about for the last year and a half. We've learned so much about love languages and how we all feel love in different ways. This isn't just romantic love either. It's love and appreciation from family and friends also. So, let's dive in!  The number one way to get to my heart is through words. Letters, cards, texts, emails, Facebook messages (all of the above!). I'm not sure if it has always been this way, or if I feel this way as a result of circumstances. Dave and I started out long distance. Even before we started dating, we were sending messages to each other. That's how we really started getting to know each other before our first date. Then once we started dating, I was in Michigan and he was working in Mexico City, so we relied on emails, online chatting, and the occasional phone call. The first three years we were together (dating, engaged, and marriage), we had periods of long distance. We had to rely on all the different ways you can communicate. 

Now, six and a half years since we first started sending those messages, the best way to make me feel the love is a hand-written card, text, or email. Dave sends me an email every morning, even when we will see each other at lunch time and all evening long. We are pretty busy with our two boys in the evening and we don't have the best bedtime routine, so sometimes we don't have a chance to talk. Those morning emails help me feel like we are connected and get me through when I might want to pull my hair out. 

Every month or two, I will usually go home for an extended period of time, so even now we do some long distance stuff. Going back and reading those old emails (documenting our entire relationship from the very very beginning!)  is like GOLD for me. :) 

Dave is also really good at picking out the perfect card for birthdays and holidays. I love opening that envelope to see what he has written for me. 

And for fun, here are a few pictures from when it all began! 

Here we are at our first Tigers game together. (This was a month after our first dates.) We've been to a lot since that first one! 

And here we are, a month later. It was the night before school started and Dave was home from Mexico City for awhile. We went to the lake to watch the sunset. 
The next few years, we kept up that fun tradition. We watched the last sunset of the summer before it was back to reality for me. 

Here's one more, taken in the middle of a day exploring some trails and waterfalls around our area. This was two months after we started dating. 

And one short year later, our wedding day! 

Have a great Tuesday! 


Heidi said...

Love this! And I love that so many people are sharing about how they feel loved and how it's not about big flashy gifts and in most cases not gifts at all!

The Queen said...

My husband picks out the most perfect cards every time - its what I look forward to most at holidays and my birthday!

Karen said...

Aww, so sweet! Thanks for reading :)

Linnaia said...

Love this! (I didn't know you had a blog, it's fun to read!)

Karen said...

Thanks, Linnaia! I am off and on about posting but it's something I enjoy so I keep coming back to it.

Karen said...

Exactly! :)