Thursday, February 18, 2016

Our Big Boy Aiden

When I stop and think about the fact that my big boy is 3 and a half, I am amazed! My little guy who arrived 15 days early and spent the first 19 days of his life in the hospital is such a big boy now! 

His little scrunched up smile is my favorite. :) 

Mickey Mouse is one of his favorite things. Anytime we go to Target, we have to go through and find all things Mickey. Hats, shirts, stuffed mickeys, blankets, stickers, etc. We cover it all! 

So big! 

He loves the playground. He's timid and holds back when he's unsure, but when he figures something out he jumps right in. 

There's that smile again! 

Best buddies! 

We went shopping at a mall the other day, and we let the boys play in the play area. Aiden has been asking to go back to the "mall park" ever since. 

So big and full of love for his family. At night when he goes to bed, he lists the people he loves & who loves him. His list is long. :) 

Sweet shades, Aiden! 

So fun seeing this little guy grow up. I'm so lucky to be his momma and get to stay home with him everyday. 


Sara said...

He is a cutie! Looks like Anders is practicing for his own special smile, too!

Sarah said...

Love the shades and the cool guy look there in the last one. Clara's looking over my shoulder while I'm looking at these and she says, "Oh, is that my friend?" :) Getting so big!

Karen said...

Haha cute! Can't wait to see you guys :)

Karen said...

:) Haha, yep!