Monday, February 15, 2016

Sweet Anders at 19 Months

Anders sure is growing! He's not my little baby anymore.

He loves the park. He'll go and go and go and won't stop until we (basically) drag him away. He'll walk to the top of the slide, and keep walking until he falls and slides down the slide. No sitting at the top and taking it easy for Anders! 

I had to snap a picture of him here. He's such a big boy! 

Silly silly Anders. When he sees me pull my phone out to take a picture, this is what he does... Such a great grin! :)

A rare picture of Anders and Momma. 

I was looking for sunglasses at Target, and Anders insisted on trying on every single pair I tried on. 

I got my boys each a Mickey Mouse balloon from Meijer for Valentine's Day. I think it was the happiest day of Anders's life. (Aiden was pumped, too, but dutiful about holding on tight. He didn't want it to fly away.) 

Another great smile courtesy of Anders. :) 

Like I said, he's in a super silly stage right now. We were walking around Hobby Lobby and he found himself a hat. Haha! 

So fun climbing at the mall park! 

Last but not least, I think Anders's favorite character is Minnie Mouse. It's so cute! We went to Party City, looking for water bottles ($2 each, can't go wrong!) and Anders loved all things Minnie! 


Sarah said...

What an awesome grin he's got! Seriously, so cute. I think he and Ruby would get along really well these days...! :)

Karen said...

Let's get together so they can be wild together :) haha!