Sunday, April 10, 2016

Anders at 21 Months

Anders is 21 months old so I thought today would be a great day to talk all about him! 

Look at my big smiley boy. :) I have to remind myself all the time that he's not even two. It feels like he's so big already. Time can just slow down already! 

He's been super interested in going on the potty lately. He sees Aiden do it so of course he wants to copy his big brother. Here he's trying to get his "pants" down. Haha! 

He wakes up around 8 every day. He's not the best sleeper and I've been reading lots about sleep training a toddler lately. Any tips? 

Anders is an awesome eater! Pretty much everything we eat, Anders eats. He will try new things all the time and usually likes it. So nice! 

Here are three things he loves: his pluggie, his hat, and orange juice. 

And balls... Anders loves throwing a ball. He points out every ball at Target and wants all of them. 

Our little guy is saying some words. If he's in the right mood (lots of sleep!), he'll repeat almost every word. He regularly says "Aiden, amma (momma), da-ee, pop, grandma, ampa (grandpa), eat, bike." 

He has the biggest cheesy smile! 

He loved the beach so much! I think I'm in for a run for my money this summer, chasing him around the beach. He has no fear of the water so you have to stay close. He likes to wear his life jacket, so maybe that'll help. He loves hats, too, so that's a bonus. 

Dave gave him a haircut the other day. His hair grows fast! He doesn't like the buzzers much, but we were able to distract him enough to do a decent job. Here's a before picture. 

Here's an after picture. :) 

Anders has a lot of confidence at the park. He will run around and try out everything, figuring out what he can and can't do. He doesn't hold back so sometimes Dave or I have to stay close. He used to walk to the top of the slide and keep walking until he fell, sliding down to the bottom. (Heart attack!) Now he sits at the top and goes down like the rest of the kids. 

It's so hard to believe he's almost 2. He's a great brother to Aiden and gives the best kisses and smiles. He loves to snuggle up so close, and if he sitting with you he'll reach to the top of your shirt to find some skin to touch. I have a mole by my collarbone that he's partially removed twice (from persistent rubbing, grabbing). He'll be playing in the other room with Aiden, stop and run to where ever I am and reach up til he can touch my mole. Then he'll run back and play some more. Haha!

It's going to be fun to see what Anders is up to in the next few months. More talking and hopefully more sleeping? :) 

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Heidi said...

It made my day when he said Heidi! And he gives the best snuggles ❤️