Thursday, April 7, 2016

Fun in the Sun:: Vacation 2016 Part 2

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On Monday morning we woke up and I still wasn't feeling the best and I still had a minor fever, so we lounged around home. Dave had to fly out of the Tampa airport at 3 and we knew Florida traffic could be a bear, so we left at 11:30. The boys had been pretty clingy all weekend so they came for the drive. 

We took 275 so we could go across Tampa Bay and we saw this bridge! I was wishing for a turn-off so I could get some better pictures, but of course there was none. 

When we got back to Grandma and Grandpa's, we didn't do much. Anders loved his snack. :) 

Aiden was so pumped to wear his new orange shirt. He asked to sleep in it that night and he really wanted to wear it the next day too. 

After not doing much all day, we went out for ice cream in the evening. Do you think they enjoyed it? ;) 

Southwest Florida has some amazing sunsets and every night we tried to go outside around 7:45 to check it out down the street. 

Seriously! Every time I go to Florida, I fall more in love. 

On Tuesday we woke up pretty early and went to Lovers Key State Park. We went there last year and loved it, so it was one of our "must-dos" this year. It's $8 to get in and you have the opportunity to do all kinds of outdoor activities... Paddle boarding, fishing, kayaking, etc. We just played on the beach and swam. 

Loretta was pumped to have Ada there! 

I try to keep my camera close when we are on the beach because this guy has the best expressions. Everything makes him so pumped, and this momma is very happy to see and capture it all. 

Nothing like playing on the beach with friends! 

Anders loves Minnie Mouse so when I found a pack of juices with a Minnie Mouse cap, I knew I had to get it for him. It was so warm (80+) everyday so I had to figure out good ways to keep the boys hydrated. Problem solved! 

So lucky to spend the day on the beach with these two! 

There was a tram to take you to and from the parking lots and beach. Here's some of the crew waiting to load up to head back to the van. It was still pretty early (1ish), but after three or four hours there we were ready to change it up.

Our plan was to drive north along Estero Blvd to one of the access spots on Fort Myers Beach and spend an hour or two there, then maybe eat near Times Square and stay for the sunset. 

There was heavy traffic (like always - haha) on Estero Blvd so it was taking awhile to get to the spot we wanted to stop at on the beach. Then a storm hit. And everybody was trying to leave the island at the same time. There was tons of rain and wild winds. The inlet looked really cool so I had Loretta try to get a picture while I was driving. #wetried 

Since we didn't get to see the Fort Myers sunset, we decided to go to the park along the Peace River in Punta Gorda. I was so pumped when we got there and saw this. 

Aiden loves his hat and preferred to wear it even when we weren't out in the daytime sun. Good thing he looks cute in it! 

I was so so thankful to have Loretta join us on our vacation! She helped with packing, making sandwiches, dishes, loading and unloading the van, getting the boys ready to get out the door, watching the boys on the beach so I could have a minute or two away, seriously everything! 

Thank you, Loretta! 

While the sun was setting, the boys played around with Aiden's new "Dusty." He loves watching Planes, so every plane is Dusty or one of his friends. 

We kept an eye on the water and the colors and light kept changing. So much beauty in one sunset! 

When the sun disappeared, the whole sky turned purple and pink. Jackpot! 

Then it was dark and we walked back to the van. I didn't want this evening to end. It was so dreamy! 

Looking at all these pictures makes me want to get back in the van and drive down there! 
In a couple days I'll finish up this trip. Thanks for reading! 

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Heidi said...

So fun! I fall more in love every time too